JAX London 2011 – Early Bird Discount for GMT Readers

JAX London logo 2011JAX London, the UK’s premier Java developer conference, takes place 11th – 13th April, 2011.
JAX hosts an impressive cast of big-hitters and exciting thought leaders, covering the most important and latest subjects in the corporate Java development ecosystem.  They’ll offer up a packed schedule of tutorials, workshops and technical presentations for you to gorge on.  These guys are in demand, and JAX London will be your only chance to see them all in the same place, at the same time, in 2011!!

Readers of O’Reilly GMT can get a special discount on delegate places.  We’re offering a 20% discount to anybody who registers using the promotion code JAX11G1.  You can apply the discount right up to the event start date, and best rates available now by using the code alongside Early Bird prices – available until 25th January. Meaning you can save £180 on standard 3-day rates.

Go to www.jaxlondon.com for more information.  Speaker and schedule updates will be posted on the website.  You can also get news, reviews and in-depth analysis on everything in the Java ecosystem by visiting www.jaxenter.com

For further information contact on JAX London contact Mark Hazell.  Email markh@jaxlondon.com Telephone +44 (0)20 7401 4845

Madlabs and Robot Hack Day

Madlabs Madlab is Manchester Digital Laboratories:

… a 1000 sq. ft. former shop in the Northern Quarter – open Thursday-Sunday from 10am-late (plus other evenings when there’s an event happening).

It’s a space you can get together with like-minded individuals and work on your urban gardening, crochet, hacking, programming, media arts, filmmaking, animating project without worrying that you’re in a library, coffee shop, pub or other unsuitable venue. We know hackers and craftspeople need work space and may need to get down and dirty – we also know sometimes you need a quiet area to present and show works to your peers. We support both activities. And we hope there will be a rich mix of individuals who’ll get out of the usual zones, the knitter talking to the software architect, the cupcake maker scheming with the laser etching builder. We know some good will come of this.

If you’re organising a workshop, meetup, unconference, user group, or knitting circle and want to use the space then drop us a line!

Madlab are hosting Robot Hack Day on the 24th of October, 2009 as part of the Manchester Science Festival. It’s a chance to break apart that disappointing electronic gadget you got last Christmas and create something new and inspiring out of it, to get crazy with solder and a glue gun and bring a bunch of resistors, capacitors and motors to life, and have a laugh while you’re doing it. And there will be Robot Football! I mean, if that isn’t a fun day, what is!

Here’s Madlab’s Dave Mee to tell you more: