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Life with a GSP

2022 July 18
by Josette Garcia

My wonderful GSP was found in the streets of Ireland and given to us by the local dog rescue. We did not know anything about this breed but soon had to learn. He is a hunter and nothing seems to break his focus when seeing, smelling a prey.

This morning we were walking in the local fields when he smelled/heard a pheasant – alert. Josette – hang on to the lead. Then the stupid bird decided to sing and then to fly off – high alert. Heels digging the ground, sweat pourring out, I managed to stop him (the dog) flying off. Everything calm down again so we continued our walk. In the next field we met two deers. I started to shake with anxiety. No problem, he did not see them. What a hunter! No wonder he was left wandering the streets of Ireland.

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