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RMLL11- Strasbourg

2011 July 12

Day 1:
it is 6.30 am, I ran to the restaurant for a quick cup of coffee and then off to the university of Strasbourg for setting up my table at rmll 11. It does not look too good – the cleaner had to open the door. I can see lots and lots of empty tables with 2 empty plastic bags on top (I am sure I will understand the meaning of the plastic bag sooner or later) and a named label – no O’Reilly table yet – where am I supposed to be? The nightmare is starting  – no tables, no boxes of books. Where is everybody? For once I have got plenty of time to write a post but nothing to write about.

10 am –  panic over, the stand is ready. Books are selling. The sun is out – all is well. If only I could open the window. Never mind, the welcome is great.

Richard Stallman made a visit to the fsfe stand, opposite the O’Reilly table but he did not come to see me. He can’t have seen me ….

Will post some photos when I learnt how to use my iPad. It may take a while!

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