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2011: Europython in Florence!

2010 July 13

PyCon Italy on the webFrancesco Pallanti writes:

After a period of radio silence here we are back on air more resolute than ever! There’s a news however that we’d like to tell to everyone in the Python community.

The Python Italia association has worked in the shadows for months, then a voting took place between members of Europython organization and the two candidate teams, Italy and Germany.

It’s with great pleasure that we’re announcing the confirmation of

Florence as official venue for Europython 2011!

Python Italia APS

Our proposal won and the hard work done in the latest months has been rewarded assigning to Italy the organization of the 2011 edition of Europython.

We’re still in the early stages but we’ve identified a couple of possible venues for the conference really close to the railway station and we’re trying to secure them and develop partnerships.

Meanwhile, rest assured that the machines for the next PyCon Italy are well oiled and we’ve already started working on that; we’re finishing the new graphic layout of the logo and soon you’ll be able to browse the new version of the website.

In addition to the blog you can follow us:

If you wish to know more about the organization you can subscribe the newsletter.

Stay tuned for updates about Europython and the next PyCon Italia conference.

PyConTre in Florence

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