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SkillsCast Video’s: Agile, Lean & Kanban Exchange

2010 November 23

The Agile, Lean & Kanban eXchange 2010 is an annual conference for and by the Agile community, from developers to testers, from Agile leaders to Architects, anyone interested in agile methods for better collaboration, teamwork and better software.  This year, the Agile, Lean & Kanban eXchange attracted more than 125 participants from around the world for two days of conference and unconference. Most SkillsCast Video’s are now online, you can find them here

The themes for this year’s Agile, Lean & Kanban eXchange were:

  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Agile Requirements, Analysis and Validation
  • Leadership, Value & Visibility
  • Code Craftmanship
  • Quality & Delivery

Most SkillsCasts Video’s are now available here, featuring talks by Antony Marcano, Andy Palmer, Marc B. McNeill, Karl Scotland, Rachel Davies, David Laribee, Allan Kelly, Jan Machacek, Erik Doernenburg, Patrick Kua, Aslak Hellesøy, Nik Patel, Tom Roden, Jon Jagger, Benjamin Mitchell and many others passionate about Agile. If whilst watching, you like to share your thoughts and ideas with others, you can use (twitter) tag #agilex

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