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Andrew Chalkley’s Core RoR: Web Development With Ruby on Rails

2011 April 12

Andrew Chalkley’s Core RoR is a comprehensive look at Ruby on Rails taking you from the basics on day one to using it in a variety of professional environments. Ruby on Rails is a full web stack framework, so you have to have a sound understanding of the ins and outs of web development. If you’ve had little to no experience as a web developer this course is probably not for you.

If you’ve dabbled a bit in Rails before but not really understood what’s going on, or if you are a web developer experienced in PHP, ASP or Java and are keen to learn how to build web applications using Ruby on Rails, this is the course for you!

The workshop is scheduled for the 3rd-6th May, 2011 at Skills Matter eXchange in London.

Cost: £1245

More details here:

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