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at jQuery Conference

2012 February 11

On the train to Oxford

It snowed all night, how am I going to get to Oxford? It is not far but getting out of the village could be a problem. Worries over, I made  it – a little late but I got there. The conference is held in the Said Business School which is part of the University of Oxford. I suppose the difference is that the Business School is a modern, light building not to be compared with the old, charming colleges. I have got only 12 boxes of books but my table is a little small – I need to be very creative with my display.

TQUILLA goodies

There are a few exhibitors including – Blackberry, Kendo UI, Twilio but the most amazing stand is TQUILA – as you can see on the photo there display was very appealing particularly on a cold day.

I know only one of the speakers – Christian Heilmann from Mozilla who talked about “Embracing and Celebrating Redundancy” – a very topical subject but I am not sure if it is the right context. Was he in the right conference? Other speakers included Tod Parker, Paul Irish, Jorn Zaefferer, Adi Osmani, Ralph Whitbeck, Doug Neiner, Dion Almaer and Ben and Haymo Meran.

Some members of the White October Team

Goodies from White October

The organisers, White October, the guys with the most beautiful t-shirts, perl colour. What do you I know about White October – not much but I am hoping that they will write a post for us giving us the ups and downs of organizing a big event and running a very successful company at the same time.


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