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Learn to build a kinect controlled RC helicopter (using an Arduino)

2011 December 6

Now in its third year, this grass roots barcamp has grown from strength to strength, and this years event was the largest ever held, with 140 people attending.
Barcamp Blackpool came into being via the “Queen of the Barcamps” Gemma Cameron (@rubygem on Twitter), and it reflects her to a tee. The event is a barcamp / unconference, where the attendees are encouraged to host a talk on any topic. The range of talks at this year’s event was astounding.

  • Who pays on a first date?
  • Error messages across the decades
  • 8bit hama beads
  • Stock markets
  • A kinect controlled RC helicopter (using an Arduino)
  • Web development
  • Version Control

I love this event; it has a real informal, friendly feel. And people travel from around the UK to take part. You see new and familiar faces every year, and the after show party is the stuff of legend.
Blackpool LUG were there providing a friendly introduction to Linux, and organising networking and AV equipment. Many thanks to the team for their hard work.
O’Reilly was very generous, and provided each attendee with a free ebook voucher (Thanks Josette!) from their entire catalogue of books.
Sugru provided a box full of their wonderful product, which has since found it’s way into local
schools and Brownie groups. Thanks Sugru!
RetroGT provided lots of cool stickers to decorate our laptops, thanks!
FYCreatives a local government initiative to bring more creative industries to Blackpool provided goody bags and brochures. Thanks Fiona! provided every attendee with a custom name sticker, designed to get conversations started, thanks!
Our very generous sponsors helped make this event happen, so take a look at their websites and see what they can do for you.

This event has grown from small beginnings, and is now the largest tech conference in Lancashire, and the support of O’Reilly is most welcome, as the core demographic of attendees are those that work in the tech and design industries, and O’Reilly’s books really do hit the mark for these industries.
During the event, we endeavoured to record as many talks as possible, as some people couldn’t make the event, or were torn between two talks at the same time.
You can listen to the talks on our website.
My thanks to Gemma Cameron, Blackpool LUG, our sponsors and supporters for making this event a massive success.
Les Pounder

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