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Building the network you need with OpenBSD’s PF course

2011 July 7
by Josette Garcia

22nd September 2011, London

I thought I should send you a gentle reminder before you go on holiday!

Using PF, the OpenBSD packet filter? We got the course for you.

The tutorial provides updates on the new PF syntax and features introduced in OpenBSD 4.7 (with samples presented in the old and new syntax where appropriate), with newer updates and reviews of relevant new features in the upcoming OpenBSD 5.0 release.

It goes from the basics to advanced usage of the latest versions of PF, including traffic shaping using altq, and the supporting features for higher level services such as trapping spam via greylisting and http filtering, SSL proxying, and load balancing. PFs simplicity and ease allows those new to PF to understand it quickly, while refreshing the best practices in filtering for those who have used PF for years.

Interested? Book now as the places are limited and going fast and by the way it is still time to get the Early-Bird rates. Let your friends know!

Book now: online or booking PDF.

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