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Codemotion 2012 – oltre al codice c’è l’emozione

2012 April 23

In March I attended Codemotion in Rome – an event for the community, created by the community. The event has grown yet again not only in the number of attendees (over 3000) but also from a one day conference to a full two days and a concurrent event in Madrid. There was not a free minute but talk after talk.



On Friday, the conference was divided into 5 tracks:

  • Hot topics
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Innovation
  • Enterprise

On Saturday, we had 7 tracks:

  • Open
  • Web
  • Languages
  • Methods
  • Gaming
  • Security/HW
  • Web/Mobile

With almost 100 talks, all the hot topics were covered:  Cloud, JavaScript, HTML5, Agile, Arduino, Big Data, Hadoop, JAX-RS 2.0, Gamification and much more.

Don’t forget your CV

All the sponsors had a stand at Codemotion but they were not there to present their products but to collect CVs. This event allows people to present themselves to key companies, drop their CV, have a chat with HR people and hopefully they will get the job of their dream or at least start the hiring process. The Codemotion people also offer tips on CV writing, presentation etc. Sponsors included Samsung, Telecom Italia, Oracle, Red Hat, Microsoft and many more.








I liked the design by Woma – I like the idea of cubes that can be piled up in different ways to say different things.

Fellow traveller

Surprise! On Friday morning, as I was setting up, I met Arun Gupta (Oracle) who very kindly brought me breakfast. Nice! I first met Arun during the first part of the week at the 33rd Degree conference in Krakow. He came to Rome to give his talk on “JAX-RS 2.0: RESTful Java on Steroids” and then flew to Codemotion Madrid before going back home to the US. I don’t think I could have attended yet another conference without a little break.


See if we can make it to 4000 attendees next year. Hopefully see you there for a well-organized, great meeting and “Non omnia possumus omnes” but coming to Codemotion might be the first step towards your goal.




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