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d-Construct at the Brighton Dome

2011 September 4

In Brighton for d-Construct – the dream conference for any organizer – all the 800 tickets were sold within 7 hours to people coming from all over Europe. Brilliant!

Some of the talks seem excellent –

. Don Norman on “Emotional Design for the World Objects”

. Kelly Goto on “Beyond Usability: Mapping Emotion to experience”

I think there is a theme developing there! And am i right saying that Gamification is part of the theme. If this is correct our “Gamification by Design” got released just on time. I heard a lot of comments about the subject from wonderful to comments I should not repeat here.

Other talks included:

Letting Go: Bryan Rieger and Stephanie Rieger

What is the Shape of the Future Book? Craig Mod (wish I could have gone to this one!)

Oh God, It’s Full of Stars: Frank Chimero

The Transformers: Kars Alfrink

Pocket Scale: Matthew Sheret


I had a very short chat with the people from Ubelly who told me that the aim of Ubelly was to ensure that Open Source applications are easily workable in the Microsoft environment – ie Drupal, Joomla, WordPress etc. but I cannot find anything about that in the website which says “Ubelly is the unofficial official Microsoft blog for developers who love the web. We cover the events you want to go to, write about the things you want to read about and care about the things you care about.”

OK, got it! It seems that with Webmatrix, you can use/download Joomla, WordPress etc. easily onto the Microsoft platform. I will need to ask my sys admin if that was the route taken for downloading WordPress on this machine!

Other sponsors included

vzaar  – The Professional Video Platform

Fontdeck – Web typography


and now for some fun

Next to my table was Litebooth: Photobot Loves You – The first robot photo booth. Should you wish to see some of the pictures from d-Construct, go to. I am hoping to post a little longer about this subject in the not too distant future.

and only a few yards away The Subsonic Submarine Sound Playground who also appeared at the Brighton Mini Maker Faire the next day. But more about that in my next post.




Interested in d-Construct? Make sure next year, you are fast on the register button!



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