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Damian Conway’s Presentation Skills Course

2012 March 14

FlossUK and O’Reilly sponsor a Presentation Skills Training Course to help anyone that needs to learn or feel more confident about “public” speaking. The course will be held in London on April 16th.

When speaking to a small or large audience – to your board of directors, prospective customers, or at a conference – do you want to:

  • capture the audience quickly
  • hold their interest effortlessly
  • educate and entertain them in equal measure
  • sometimes even inspire them?

Damian Conway explores simple and effective techniques for achieving these goals in any kind of presentation.

The first half of the class focuses on preparation, content selection, visual design, delivery, handling questions and effective techniques for presenting various kinds of technical information (code, data, statistics, charts, structure diagrams etc.)

The second half of the course is an in-depth tutorial on improving the ‘look and feel’ of presentation materials – especially Powerpoint/Keynote/Impress presentations. In particular, it demonstrates practical techniques for making your slides not suck!

Should you not yet be convinced, please read An Almost Perfect Present. The author, Mark Keating, MD of Shadowcat Systems Limited,  writes so much better than I do and he experienced Damian’s talk. I sat on one of Damian’s talk at EuroOSCON a few years ago – he had everybody in stitches. Don’t be fooled- what he says is remembered and put into practice. So book now!

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