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Day 1 at QCon, London

2012 March 8

25 again today! As a treat I am spending the day at QCon. it sounds negative but it is not at all. QCon is one of the most successful Conference in London – a 3 days,  6 tracks conference with over 1,200  attendees. For today, I have organised some book signings… hopefully our authors will be there and the delegates will come. I have a love and hate relationship with book signings – it can be so successful and pleasant or so embarrassing. On today’s menu, we have:

  • Francesco Cesarini – Erlang Programming
  • Joe Armstrong – Programming Erlang
  • Maximiliano Firtman – Programming the Mobile Web/JQuery Mobile
  • Adewale Oshineye – Apprenticeship Patterns
  • Ian Robinson – REST in Practice

It will be great meeting these guys, I am sure I will learn something new but might not be about technology though.



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