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Develer Srl – a young dynamic company

2010 July 12
by Josette Garcia

DevelerDeveler Srl was founded in 2001 by the young and dynamic Simone Zinanni and was joined later on by Giovanni Bajo. Develer’s offices are situated in the heart of Tuscany in a little town north-west of the magnificent city of Florence. Simone started developing at the ripe old age of 12 and became a C++ developer/programmer – he is now the CEO of Develer. Giovanni, a Python enthusiast changed all that and the company is now using mainly Python and C++.

Develer Group PhotoDeveler provides a consulting service with full development and support mainly using Open Source technologies but able to accommodate their clients wishes with proprietary software. The success of Develer is made by the ability to respond to customer demands rapidly and effectively. Growing at a steady pace, they now employ 20 people and are always looking for the best programmers Italy can offer them.

A few years ago Simone and Giovanni with friends started l’associazione Python Italia – a national association dedicated to the broadcast, teaching and support of Python – all done on a voluntary basis. From there was born Pycon Italia, now in its fourth year with Develer as the main sponsor and organiser but allegedly helped by the national association.

What people say about Pycon –

“The conference locations were great, the organizers went above and beyond to make things run smoothly, and the food truly transcended the conference food that I’m used to.” – Brian Fitzpatrick

“PyCon Italia is a great way to meet the top coders in Italy, talk with major vendors, and either recruite or be recruited.” – Raymond Hettinger

“PyCon Italia is the conference closest and dearest to my her out of the many I regularly attend.” – Alex Martelli

“I loved PyCon Italia! It has everything: a beautiful city, a great organization, and some of the brightest coders in Italy.” – Guido van Rossum

Develer has also created its own conference – Better Software for an audience of Project Managers and Programmers. In its second year, Better Software has over doubled the number of attendees and from the feedback is going from strength to strength.

Next year, Florence will not see Pycon in May but Pycon Italia will be hosting EuroPycon. I trust they will produce one of their best show for contents, organization, fun and tourism but more on that nearer the time.

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