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Digital Seasons – A Different Type of Event

2012 June 12

On Thursday 10th May, I went to Digital Seasons (Summer event) – the largest exclusive tech event in the UK.  The event is organized by David Fanning from Tin Drum and IDG Communications. Seasons brings together key technology journalists and vendors of the latest tech products. This twice-yearly exclusive event is by invitation only. Companies are invited to demonstrate their products from consummer gadgets to high powered technical gear.  The vendors are hopefully convincing enough to get an article written by the invited journalists. The companies that attend are invited to demonstrate their products to an audience rarely seen in one place. Varying from top consumer and lifestyle media, to the hard-core technical titles, the diverse audience offers unparalleled opportunities for coverage. taken from Digital Seasons

I wish I had time to talk to all the exhibitors but my timing was not all that good so managed only to chat with a few of them.

  • iGo – their products really appealed to me since I travel a lot and seem  to be always entangled with different cables, plugs etc. Their KeyJuice is ideal – charge and sync anytime, anywhere – made for iPod, iPhone and iPad.
  • Elgato – live TV on your Mac, PC & iPad also on your iPad and iPhone. Unfortunately they will not stop bad programmes.
  • Audyssey – makes your home theatre sound like a pro
  • FileMaker, Inc. – I am sure I do not need to present you their products
  • The House of Marley – creators  of beautiful audio products, using natural, earth-friendly and renewable materials in the products and their packaging, such as sustainably sourced, FSC-certified woods, organic cotton and recyclable aluminum. The House of Marley also gives a percentage of their revenue to different charities see
  • Fitbit – presented the fitbit ultra (Wireless Fitness & Sleep Tracker) described as “New Fitbit Ultra is designed to help fit more fitness into your day.” You can see a picture of this gadget on the cover of our new book “Fitness for Geeks” that is just published. Sorry I know I should not plug our books but you must admit the opportunity was not to be missed.


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