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Erlang Factory London 2011

2011 June 7

What is it?

The Erlang Factory London 2011 incorporates the Erlang University, during which several training courses are offered, and the Erlang Factory Conference.

This year’s Erlang Factory Conference takes place on 9 and 10 June at The Old Sessions House, in the heart of the city of London. It offers attendees the opportunity to see how companies such as AOL, Yahoo!, Heroku, Basho and Ericsson are using Erlang.

There are over 50 speakers, including Robert Virding and Mike Williams, inventors of Erlang, Kostis Sagonas, the leader of the HIPE Team at Uppsala University, Marcus Kern, CTO at MIG, Steve Vinoski, distributed systems expert and Scott Lystig Fritchie, senior software engineer at Basho Technologies.

There are three tracks on each day. Day 1 has Case Studies in Gaming and Messaging, Erlang and Test-Driven Development and Cool Tools and Gadgets. Day 2 has Erlang In Databases and Give Me a Break from Erlang, a Business track and a Case Studies track.


The Erlounge at the Erlang Factory is open to anybody who is interested in Erlang, not only delegates from the Erlang Factory. Members of the London Erlang User Group are especially welcome.

Attending is free, but to allow us to plan, you have to register with Erlang Solutions.

The Erlounge takes place on 9 June 2011, starting at 18.30 (with food being served at 19.00). There will then be “lightning talks” of 10 minutes each from 19:30.

Your Hosts

Erlang Solutions organises the Erlang Factory London, as well as other conferences around the world including The Erlang Factory SF Bay Area, The Erlang User Conference in Stockholm and various Factory Lite events.

All these conferences cater to Erlang architects, programmers, testers, project managers, Erlang experts and newbies alike. They offer attendees the chance to hear some of the world’s best speakers in their fields, on a variety of programming topics.

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