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Erlang Factory, London – over for another year

2011 June 11

Everything is OTP – this is the big thing. We do not talk about Erlang anymore but Erlang/OTP. Is it a standard library like cpan? Somebody (a perl programmer from Amsterdam who does not work for did try to explain it to me but I got confused so you will have to find your own explanation or read a little further.

It is always nice to meet Francesco and Simon, authors of our Erlang Programming book. Poor Francesco spent even more time telling me what OTP was. OTP (open telecom platform) = tools, libraries and design principles – the middleware used in systems which never stop. Simon got away lightly, we just talked about education in the UK and France, always a very interesting topic.

I also met Joe Armstrong, famous for his Programming Erlang book, published by Pragmatic Bookshelf. Joe always acts as the grumpy old man – very funny if you do not take him too seriously. His friends describe him as extremely enthusiastic, full of energy and plenty of ideas. He is often referred to as the father of Erlang.

I forgot to mention the erlounge. When you think all the talks are finished, you are invited to spend your drink vouchers at the bar, network and listen to the lightning talks. There might be a few headaches the next day!

Erlang Factory is the gathering of 150 people coming from every corner of the world  (18 countries) with 3 days of Erlang University and 2 days of intense talks.

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