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From Perl Dabber to Perl Expert – the path to expertise

2012 January 5

Dave Cross, author, tutor, and Perl guru,  will be teaching two two-day courses next month –

  • Intermediate Perl, Feb 21st and 22nd

This course is aimed at people who have written a little Perl and who want to add another dimension to their Perl knowledge. This will take you from being “someone who uses Perl” to a “Perl programmer”.

  • Advanced Perl, Feb 23rd and 24th

Aimed at people who have a lot of experience of Perl but who might not have had the time to keep up to date with latest Perl techniques, this course teaches the latest techniques being used by the world’s best programmers. This is the knowledge that will enable you to describe yourself as a “Perl expert”.

Further information and booking form

FLOSS UK and O’Reilly UK Limited are offering one complimentatry ticket at each of these courses and four runners up will get a copy of Programming Perl 4th edition (coming out soon). Do you want to know more? Get a copy of Linux Format, issue 154, on sale today and enter the prize draw!

Hope to see you there!

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