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Java is Dead, Long live Java!

2012 March 26

Is Java dead? A question asked by a lot of unbelievers and to cut it short the answer is NO, it is not dead, Java is becoming widely adopted by a lot of people (students, children and professionals) and it is still the first choice in the Web and Enterprise applications.

What people might mean by “Dead” is that Java is not the default choice for projects and that’s totally wrong as Java is the default choice for most of startups or startups that have grown to be big companies like LinkedIn for example.

With every new release of Java, Oracle reminds us the Java is here to stay with some new cool features and enhancement not only in the Java but also in the JVM which evolved a lot and now Java programs can compete with C programs from performance perspective, JVM is the main reason behind the emerge of some new languages like Scala, Groovy,..  This makes it really amazing and rich.

As people say: No one is Perfect, so is Java and that’s why there is always something to come (like Java 8 and 9) but with these new releases new cool features rise to ease our development.

On 9th and 10th of March Egypt witnessed the biggest Java community conference in Middle East and Africa (JDC 2012) with more than 500 attendees and more than 40 sessions about Cloud, Parallel Programming, Mobile and much more and with a clear message from Oracle: “Java is not dead and we will make sure it is not”

Long Live Java!

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