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JAX London is back!

2013 September 2

jax logoOur favourite Java friends are back with the 6th edition of the JAX London conference this October.  With a heap of leading experts, thinkers and practitioners on hand, JAX should offer up all the technical brain candy an inquisitive mind could desire.

And a certain bookseller will be there once again, adding a touch of French chic to proceedings…

Those of you returning will no doubt look forward to the late night whisky-swilling exploits of certain speakers (who shall remain nameless to protect their false innocence), and the often heated debates natural when a cast of characters from more than 20 countries converge on one unsuspecting venue.


Here’s a selection of highlights from the JAX London schedule:

Spring DataOliver Gierke, co-author of Spring Data and software engineer at Pivotal, will be giving two talks –  Spring Framework 4 – a guided tour and Spring Data JPA – Repositories done right.  His first will give a practical overview about fundamental infrastructure improvements such as Java 8 support and the integration with the latest Java EE APIs.  The second session introduces the Spring Data project in general with a focus on the JPA module that allows developers to easily implement JPA based repositories in a sophisticated way. The presentation is 80% hands on which means less slides, more code :) – that has to be a good thing!

java ee7 essentialsJava EE 6 PGArun Gupta, author of Java EE 7 Essentials and Java EE 6 Pocket Guide, is a Java EE & GlassFish Evangelist working at Oracle. His first session will provide a primer on WebSocket and Server-Sent Events and their supported use cases. It explains WebSocket support in the Java programming model, from a simple annotation-driven programming model and integration in the Java EE containers using JSR 356. Java EE 7: Boosting Productivity and Embracing HTML5 will provide a code-intensive introduction to the updated Java EE 7 platform with several live demos shown during the talk.

AkkaJamie Allen is the Director of Consulting for Typesafe and author of Effective Akka which is publishing in September.  Apparently Lambdas are coming to the Java language in the upcoming release of Java 8! Many Java developers will never have experienced Lambdas before, so Jamie, in his keynote presentation, will discuss best practices for using Lambdas in Java and other JVM-based languages, and investigate how we can make these constructs more usable in production.

graph databaseREST in PracticeThe popular Big Data Con London will be running alongside JAX London and will look at the data challenges being faced by enterprises today at a technical and strategic level. Ian Robinson, co-author of Graph Databases and REST in Practice, is an engineer at Neo Technology, currently working on research and development for future versions of the Neo4j graph database. In his session on Tuesday at Big Data Con he will be looking at some of the design and implementation strategies you can employ when building a Neo4j-based graph database solution, including architectural choices, data modelling, and testing.

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