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Lean Analytics Wants You To Use Data To Build A Better Start-Up Faster!

2013 May 17

On the 7th of June this year, 150 entrepreneurs will gather at the Barbican Conference Centre to attend the only Lean Analytics Workshop taking place in London.

The organiser is a tech start-up based in Shoreditch, called Geckoboard. Geckoboard chose to host the event after publishing a study earlier this year in which more than 300 start-ups around the world were surveyed.


Their research revealed that most start-ups struggle when it comes to making sense of data, and acting upon it. 49% of the respondents do not feel confident about the metrics they are currently monitoring. Based on analysis of data gathered in the report, this group is also less likely to have processes in place to ensure that data is understood and acted upon. There is a clear need for entrepreneurs to understand how to make better-informed decisions.

Lean-Analytics-Book-right-facing-320x390Paul Joyce, Geckoboard CEO, was already familiar with the authors of Lean Analytics, and seeing the relevance of the book to the current challenges that start-ups are facing, organizing an event with authors in London was an straightforward decision.

The Lean Analytics workshop is targeted to entrepreneurs, founders, growth hackers and analytics professionals in the UK, especially in the tech industry. The workshop will cover the foundations of Lean Analytics, in combination with live case studies where early stage start-ups will be invited on stage to share their data challenges with the rest of the audience.

This event is expected to be intense, and to leave participants with a wide variety of techniques and best practices that can be applied straight away.

In a world where data is becoming one of the most valuable resources, understanding how to make informed decision can make a huge difference.

If you would like to take part, you can book your ticket here.

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