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2012 February 17

It seems that I am just writing about events at the moment – but you have to admit they are good events that should help you professionally.

Those lovely people over at S&S Media have announced their latest London event – Mobile 360 Live, running April 2nd & 3rd.  These are the guys behind JAX London, and the Mobile TechCon series in Germany, so we can say with honesty that they know a thing or too about cool developer focused events.

Mark Hazell at S&S tells me that he wanted to create something that allowed developers of all types of mobile content to come together in one place, to counter the fact that so many mobile dev events in the UK until now have had a siloed, single platform focus.

Paul Ardeleanu

Marko Gargenta

Mobile 360 Live has 5 tracks covering iOS, Android, Mobile Web, Platforms and Mobile Business.  It also has a hands-on development workshop day, with people like Paul Ardeleanu and Marko Gargenta encouraging attendees to get their hands dirty coding apps.

Should you be an app developer on  the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, or mobile web, you will definitely gain something from the rich talks organized with you in mind.  The business side has not been forgotten with topics on Mobile Commerce & Payment, Tablet Solutions, Marketing & Trends, Mobile Business Solutions.

S&S is offering tickets for only £150 if you’re fast.

Check out for more.

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