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Message from OpenFest

2011 November 10
by Josette Garcia

Now in Sofia for Openfest. I am always so happily surprised by the warm welcome I get there. Bulgaria might be thought of as a poor struggling country of the EU but it has a very thriving techie community which has developed some great open source project. One of them being ELWIX.

ELWIX – Embedded multi-architecture lightweight unix platform for special devices was created by Michael Pounov. Michael’s objective was to make a rock-solid, fast, secure, easy changeable and highly portable OS. This OS can be used for:

. Wireless access points and appliances
. Router and switch devices
. Security surveillance systems
. Access control systems and many various embedded appliances.

ELWICK is free to download it and upload into your own devices. The source code can be used or modified as per the BSD license. To get support please contact Michael.

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