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Mini Maker Faire went to Brighton…

2011 September 6

At the Brighton Dome on Saturday 3rd September we met our old friends and made a few new ones. I have never seen the rooms of the Dome so packed. I read that over  5000 people came to visit the Brighton Mini Maker Faire. A huge success!

Unfortunately I had only a couple of hours before going back home (I wished I had planned my weekend a little better) So I hurried up to say hello to some of our old friends met during Maker Faire Newcastle:

Iain Sharp and his Vibrati Punk Console – Should you be interested in reading more about the Vibrati Punk Console and Ian read our previous interview.

John Dingley: remote controlled one-wheeled skateboard.

Rain Ashford‘s Lilypad Musical Craft – you can read more about Rain and her work on Wearable Technology here.

I am sure I missed a few but we will meet again at another event.

After a very brief tour, I ended up in the Craft Cavern. Oh joy! I can try a few things –

I have never been attracted by mosaic, until I met Christine Walker and her mosaic panels – just brilliant. With Christine I discovered that I am all fingers and thumbs… Tiling the bathroom has got no relation with her work.

Realising that mosaic was not for me (or at least not yet), I visited Jay Kendall from Knitwit Originals – a huge pumpkin dominated the table. I decided to try my luck at making a small ball – success, I managed to keep my fingers safe and the ball is almost round. I just need to put it in the washing machine for a hot wash, apparently it will shrink and become very “felty”.

Time to visit Emily Wright, from Cuttlefishlove Kanzashi, creator of kanzashi clips and brooches. It is Emily’s first workshop. I was given some squares of material, some glue – no secrets in creating those lovely pieces you just need patience, skill, an eye for colour etc. and not minding getting your fingers glued together and the material. As you can see from my end product, I will need a lot of practice.

There was a stand that unfortunately I could not come close to (too manyyoungsters and not so young creating bees in felt) – this is  Eve Maria Kelly’s felting stand. She creates wonderful pieces such as the young shepperd.

At the next event, I will definitely spend more time meeting all the makers who do not mind teaching, talking about their crafts with such enthusiasm. Also I am sure there are a lot more things for me to learn but in the meantime… I will keep the day job.


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