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NHS Hack Day – something important is happening!

2012 March 29

Carl Reynolds tells us how important the NHS Hack Day is. This event will take place on 26th and 27th May at the University of London Union, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY.

NHS Hack Day 2012


Why does an NHS Hack Day matter?

NHS digital technology is too often disappointing, we’re stuck with user experiences that ten years ago would have been barely passable, but today are totally unacceptable. As a junior hospital doctor NHS digital technology causes me pain. As a geek who loves the NHS I know we can do better.

We all deserve, and can have, digital technology in the NHS that delights, technology that is a pleasure to use, that helps rather than hinders, and makes all of our lives easier.

What is it?

NHS Hack Day is a bunch of geeks who care about the NHS who want to work on something that might improve their world. We’re providing doctors, nurses, data, and refreshments, and we’ll see what happens next.

So far there are about 100 people signed up, with a range of skills from medics to programmers and designers. They’ll work in teams or individually to produce something that’s of interest. We have no idea what that will be.

So the question is what would you build to help save lives?

Whose idea is this?

I am a junior hospital doctor and a geek. Driven by pain, I am keen to bridge health and technology and give NHS IT a much needed shake up. Several conversations with friends, meeting Ross Jones  at Pycon and a lot of enthusiasm led to all this.

How can people help?

By coming, by donating ideas, problems, data, and prizes but mostly by programmers doing something they want to see done –

What can people work on?

Anything they like that’s related to healthcare – from a patient checklist, to a guerilla poster generator with the right phone numbers on it. To get involved visit NHS Hackday follow @nhshackday or contact me – ( .

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    Meirion jenkins permalink
    March 29, 2012

    Were all under threat ,on the edge!

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