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Off to OggCamp 11 and YAPC

2011 August 12

Drinks have arrived, hopefully the books have been delivered, what else do it need to do. Oh yeh, prey for good weather tomorrow for the Geeknick at OggCamp. We do not want rain… Sad, Waitrose could not supply quantities of Ubuntu Cola – I have got only 19 cans even though I put the order through 2 weeks ago – so we will have to drink normal stuff.

According to the BBC weather forecast –

  • Friday: white cloud – clouds are definitely here but a rather “dark white”.
  • Saturday: White cloud again – I hope they stay white!

Bring your umbrella just in case!

I always forget that Ubuntu means “I am because we are” – remember these words and we shall have a great weekend in front of us. Oops! sorry O’Reilly will not be there on Sunday as it will be time to go to

Riga for YAPC Europe – already packed, passport, tickets, my idiot guide to Riga drawn by my friend Diana. Diana is a native of Riga so she knows all the best restaurants from very posh like Vincents, near Alberta Street, to Lido, a chain of typical Latvian restaurants – not to forget the  Rozengrals, an authentic mediaval place.

Places to see include:

and much more including the Berga Bazars, Jēkaba Kazarmas’ (Jacob’s Barracks) Street, the Open Air Ethnographic Museum etc. I think I will need a week there not just a few hours of freedom.
Should you wonder  why there is a cat on the A of YAPC? See the Cat House.


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