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Oggcamp 2012

2012 August 27

Oggcamp, now in it’s fourth year, has firmly established itself as “The” unconference for those interested in open source hardware and software. This year’s venue, was the fantastic John Moores University building, which provided fantastic facilities for the Oggcamp organisers.

Provided, and authorised by Tris Linnell

Provided, and authorised by Tris Linnell

Oggcamp, for the first time had a fringe event. Called the “Open Hardware Jam”, it was a chance for hardware hackers and makers to meet and learn new skills from each other. There were many makers there, from the latest sewing technology (producing fantastic custom t-shirts and baseball caps) to the Raspberry Pi being sold to eager delegates.
The Jam was a great chance to get hands on and learn new skills, many delegates learning to build devices using Nanode, Arduino and Fignition. 3D printers, were also present, different types producing all manner of custom made curios.

The heart of Oggcamp is the unconference, this year with 4 tracks, 3 for the unconference, and 1 track for a great list of  scheduled speakers. Unconferences are always fun, you never know what talks you will get, and Oggcamp certainly does not disappoint. We had talks about programming, podcasts and the future of our children’s ICT learning in schools. There was also a lightning talk session added to the schedule, to allow for fast paced talks.

Crowd shot - Provided and authorised by Fabian Scherschel

The event has grown in four years, from a small hotel in Wolverhampton for the first Oggcamp, to a large University building in Liverpool for this year. The momentum that Oggcamp generates, before and after the event is immense, with lots of projects being created and demonstrated at the event. With so many people in attendance, it is easy to reach out and work with like minded people.



Crew shot - Provided and authorised by Tony Whitmore


My thanks to the organisers, especially Dan Lynch, for their sheer hard work in making this event happen.
Special thanks to my crew, it was my pleasure to be your “Chief”, you all worked extrememly hard, and I am proud of you.


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