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QCon London 2010

2010 April 13
by Caitlin

The Good Ship O’Reilly Stand

The ship-shape Francesco Cesarini

The Little Tugboat Who Could, Josette Garcia

Craig Smith writes:

The O’Reilly stand at any tech event is like the crossroads of the world: if you hang out there long enough pretty soon everyone will come by. Yesterday afternoon, I spent a few hours with O’Reilly’s own Josette Garcia at QCon London 2010. In the time I was there, we met with Erlang co-creator and Programming Erlang author Joe Armstrong, Erlang Programming co-author and Erlang Solutions founder Francesco Cesarini, Skills Matter proprietor Wendy Devolder, Agile Coaching co-author Rachel Davies, Alois Reitbauer from Dynatrace and a host of others.

We also sold a fair few books – we were out of Scott Berkun’s Confessions of a Public Speaker and Nancy Duarte’s Slide:ology before 5 O’Clock, which is both a shame with two more days to go and multiple requests coming across the counter for them, and a tribute to how strong those books are. The 97 Things Series continues to sell well from conferences, especially 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know. We got through a fair few Microsoft Press books, a few copies of Beautiful Code, a couple of Open Govenments and some Android and iPhone books. There was a lot of interest in our interface and usability books, such as Designing Social Interfaces and Designing Web Interfaces.

If you’re at QCon today or tomorrow (Thursday or Friday), pop by the stand and say hello.

And watch out on here for an interview with the aforementioned Rachel Davies, which took place in the exotic corridors of the QEII Conference Centre.

(A quick word of thanks to the staff at First Colour, Tothill St, Westminster, who went far beyond the call of duty for an order of 42p’s worth of photocopying).

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