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South London Geek Night 2

2010 July 12
by Caitlin

Slgn After a very successful first meet-up, South London Geek Night is back for a second outing. South London Geek Night 2 will take place at the Bedford in Balham on Wednesday 14th July at 8.30pm. Organiser Steve Jalim has put together a fine line-up of 15-minute keynotes and 5-minute microslots:


NoSQL: what does it mean, how did we get here, and why
should I care?
by Hugo Rodger-Brown

Hugo is a web technology specialist with particular experience in
ecommerce. Having recently left Tesco, where he led the development of
website, Hugo is currently working as a
technical director for a web agency in Camden. He blogs at

Pretty Numbers by Simon Plenderleith and Alistair

Simon and Alistair run Makitó
– a web consultancy that creates unique, useful and
downright juicy websites and apps. They’ve both been poking around with
the web since the late 90s and recently created the popular website Vote for Policies
helped people to decide who they should vote for in the general
election based on policies, not personalities. They’ll be talking about
the data they collected from site, sharing some juicy data porn and
telling us how they managed to keep it all working with huge numbers of


Being user-centred: How to design your website (or anything
else) better
by Colm
“A short introduction to user-centred design,
the techniques and tools that are used and how it can make just about
anything you design better.”

Dynamic Pub Table Configuration Protocol by Mike
Hemstock – A humourous look at how pub food can find its way from
kitchen to table using different types of computer technology.

Building Security In…to Geeks by Gabe Chomic – Chances
are, you or someone you know has been a local business’s ‘tech guy’. But what about their security guy? Where does a SME find security? They don’t, not now. This talk covers a few brief thoughts on the subject, and some work we’re doing in the area

There are still spaces for a couple of Microslot speakers if you’re south of the river in London and free that night. Register to attend on Upcoming.

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