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Startup Weekend Brussels – 28th Jan 2010

2011 January 6
by Kris Buytaert

Startup Weekend BrusselsLater this month Startup Weekend Brussels will take place, obviously in Brussels.

Startup Weekend Brussels will cram the whole Startup LifeCycle into 54 hours. It’s a 2-day simulation of the entire process of creating and launching a Startup. You start with a raw idea, build it to something meaningful, develop a product concept, do lots of brainstorming, planning and coding, work like mad and have tons of fun.

It’s also your only chance to dive into the life of a Startup entrepreneur, to meet the people who live that life, and to make up your mind if it’s something for you.

They have a lot planned, starting off on Friday evening where everyone gets together, figures out who else is there and what would be interesting to build. Participants pitch their ideas to the crowd; teams start to form in order to start with a fresh focus on the product and basic prototype building  on Saturday morning. There will be a bunch of mentors around asking critical questions.

The big day however will be Sunday. At around 6pm, presentations to the Jury start.

During the weekend you’ll get food for body, thought and soul:

  • When: January 28, 6 pm till January 30, midnight.
  • Where: BetaGroup Coworking Space, ICAB; 4 Rue des Pères Blancs, 1040 Auderghem (Brussels).
  • Price: €75 for the entire event, including 7 meals, the drinks, the works…

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