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The demise of OreillyGMT, the birth of Josette’s blog.

2011 April 27
by Caitlin

I think in French we say, le roi est mort, vive le roi… but I am sure you know what happened to the French King!

It is with a lot of sadness that I have to report that GMT passed away. I believe the idea behind it was good – a blog for Europeans reporting ideas, technologies from our territory … but it did not work. Either we were not good enough or you did not have time to read us. It does not matter now… this is the past.

In the future, you will have to cope with me! It was decided (and I do not know whose wisdom that was) that I should write a blog telling you what I am up to, as well as our friends telling us all what they are up to. Maybe this blog will remind you a little of GMT, covering conferences, a bit of technology, interviews of some key people – but it will be a lot more light-hearted. It will be like listening to somebody who is a technophobe according to Tim, talking about things that she does not fully understand!

I know many of you from all the various tech conferences I’ve attended over the years. I hope that you will not only read me, but also comment on my efforts and of course we can talk face-to-face at the next conference (so long as you remind me who you are as I am getting a little forgetful!).

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