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The Progressive .NET Tutorials – coming back to London in September

2011 August 2

Now in their fifth year, The Progressive .NET Tutorials are scheduled for September 5-7 and Ian Cooper has put together a great programme, working closely with our community! Some exciting new names will feature this year, including Google’s Jon Skeet on Async Methods in C#5 and the great Ian Robinson* of Neo Technology on RESTful Web Service Development in .NET.

We’ll also delighted to feature tutorials by some returning experts this year, including Christian Hassa and Gaspar Nagy on Defining and Automating Acceptance Criteria with Gherkin and Specflow, and Ian Cooper and Seb Lambla are preparing an in-depth tutorial on patterns and practices of package management.

Given the huge interest in JavaScript and User Experience this year, it’s no surprise Dylan Beattie kicks off Monday afternoon, with a tutorial titled Front-end Tips for Back-end Devs covering the importance of dependency management, loose coupling and abstractions when writing the UI for our web applications, while Damjan Vujnovic is dedicating a hands-on workshop to TDD in JavaScript, on Tuesday morning.

As always, joining the Progressive .NET Tutorials will mean some heavy exposure on Software Craftsmanship, CI and Testing. In addition to some of the BDD related topics above,Simon Brown will run his Load Testing, performance and scalability workshop, while Paul Stack shares his skills and experience on how to move from CI to continuous delivery.

The Progressive .NET Tutorials wouldn’t be complete without featuring some cool web app frameworks too. This year, Adam Granicz will proudly show of his WebSharper Web Application Framework for F#, while Simple.Data creator Mark Rendle and Nancy author Steven Robbins will give a demo-heavy tutorial.

As in other years, we’ve made sure we’ll have an intimate event with lots of room for discussion and interaction with the Progressive.NET Team and other community members.

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*Ian Robinson is co-author of REST in Practice, published by O’Reilly Media.   

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