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Twitter as a marketing tool

2012 May 1

On September 8th, Prague will be holding/hosting the MATTONI Grand Prix – a chance to run at night through the illuminated streets.  The Old Town Square and its surroundings will be animated with live music, dancing and many other great attractions. I am sure that you can feel the joy and the wonderful sense of achievement – that is until you meet my friend Bogomil Shepov aka Bogo.

After being an employee for many years, Bogo has decided to start his own company. Nothing new or particular about this you will say… but promotion of the new company is a little different as Bogo is using Twitter and his legs.

For every re-tweet Bogo receives, he will run one meter during the Grand Prix, he will put the sender’s twitter name on his t-shirt and donate $0.05 to either:

  • Creative Commons
  • Mozilla Foundation
  • Electric Frontier Foundation
  • Eclipse
  • Apache

I should say that I never saw Bogo run – he is as athletic as I am.  My favourite picture of him is sitting in a restaurant with a pint of beer or a bottle of Rakia discussing the state of politics or some techie innovation.  Read more about Bogo here. And please retweet his message, I want to see him run and run… To do so click this message and add a comment together with your Twitter username.

I don’t think Bogo understand the art of sponsorship but I am sure he knows how to promote his company.

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