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Using the right tool for the job – Tech Mesh: The Alternative Programming Conference – 4-6 December

2012 November 16

I just received this great deal from the organizers of Tech Mesh – as described below this conference is about non-mainstream technologies. Do read on and benefit from Tech Mesh offer to the friends of O’Reilly.

Tech Mesh – the Alternative Programming Conference will take place between 4th and 6th of December in London and aims to promote useful non-mainstream technologies to the software industry. We are proud to say this initiative is unique in the landscape of European software and programming conferences. The underlying theme of the event is ‘the right tool for the job’, as opposed to automatically choosing the tool at hand. By ‘tool’ we understand not only technologies but also languages, libraries, databases, operating systems, hardware platforms, or more generally techniques, styles or paradigms.

Tech Mesh will bring together over 50 speakers – users and inventors of different languages and technologies, who will share their experience and inspire mainstream and non-mainstream users alike. Additionally, every Tech Mesh event will focus on one of the 8 industry tracks: Finance & Banking, Gaming and Social Media, Embedded, Infrastructure and Messaging, Languages, Next Generation Analytics, Next Generation Databases, Scalability & Multicore.

We are excited to be hosting two important premieres in the world of functional programming: for the first time, co-inventors of Erlang – Joe Armstrong, Robert Virding and Mike Williams will be together on a stage to give a joint keynote on 183 years of programming. The co-inventors of Haskell – Simon Peyton Jones, Phil Wadler and John Hughes will also present a keynote together: ‘Haskell: practical as well as cool’. Rich Hickey – inventor of Clojure will deliver a keynote on languages and systems and will challenge delegates to rethink the fundamentals of database architecture. Developers will get an understanding of highly concurrent, scalable and fault-tolerant systems using Akka straight from the creator of Akka himself: Jonas Bonér. Bruce Tate will put different languages in context  and Steve Vinoski from Basho will provide an overview of Riak. A full list of speakers and talks can be found on the event website.

Tech Mesh is also a great opportunity for networking and socialising, and for the Conference Party on Tuesday 4th December we have prepared another treat: Sam Aaron and his Overtone-powered multi-core band Meta-Exwill be generating sounds and visuals by hacking Emacs and processing live event streams in real time. There will also be an opportunity for delegates to join in the jam with their own laptops.

Tech Mesh is a must-go for anybody who wants to keep the competitive edge in their technology: CIOs, CTOs, architects and developers. And especially for O’Reilly readers we offer a 20% discount off the Standard price. All you need to do is go to the registration page and use the promo code OREILLY.

See you at Tech Mesh!

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