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WebExpo, Prague

2013 October 14
by Josette Garcia

webexpoThree weeks ago, I ended up in the charming city of Prague for my second WebExpo conference. With over 1000 attendees, WebExpo  is one of the biggest conferences in Eastern Europe taking care of the latest developments in the field. The first 2 days were of course dedicated to workshops and then we had the Conference. It covered the following areas:

Front-End Development                                               Management Software Development

Content Is King Design Process                                   Product Development Service Design

Founder Stories Cross-Channel Design                     Big Data Accessibility

Internet of Things                                                          Creativity, Communication & Marketing

Life Hacking

During the half an hour coffee breaks the attendees could not only network but talk to recruitment agencies as well as to other exhibitors. One also had time to have a massage kindly offered by Mgr. Hana Jelinkova, a very strong lady – never thought my spine could take so much handling but wow! did I feel good afterwards. Also very popular was the LuYu Tea Stand, manned by Tomas Bryl – if you like tea, check their website, it is worth it. Numerous parties were arranged for delegates and speakers:

  • Opening reception – in the 360° rotating bar with silent disco
  • WebExpo Top Gear Party
  • Node5 presents: WebExpo Unleashed – the closing party which included standup comedy and freestyle rap. Android drones and robots were the icing on the  cake!

1379598094_b-0191379598094_b-012When not at work I enjoyed some speakers fun – the organizers arranged for a Segway tour of Prague. I was invited to join in – so I did. I let you guess the outcome. In the picture, you will meet –

James will be talking at the Strata Conference in London next month. If you see him, please remind him of a wonderful couple of hours in Prague. I must add that I was very lucky and stayed with very good friends so cannot recommend an hotel for you but I am sure there are plenty of nice places to stay in Prague.

I forgot to say that this year all the talks were in English, the conference food was excellent, the parties, I am told, were brilliant so why don’t you come next year!


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