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YAPC::Europe – Pisa, Italy, August 2010

2010 August 4
by Josette Garcia

YAPC Pisa Italy August 2010Michelle Beltrame writes:

YAPC::Europe (Yet Another Perl Conference, Europe) is the biggest annual Perl conference in Europe.

Since 2000, local Perl user groups organize this non-profit event in different European cities. This time, the Venue Committee of the YAPC Europe Foundation has selected Pisa, Italy, to host the conference.

The Conference provides an international forum for practitioners and researchers from industry, academia and government. It is mainly aimed at Perl users, professionals and hobbyists alike, but also at those who are just starting out in this language and want to learn its characteristics and culture.

YAPC conferences are usually attended by more than 300 developers from all over the world. Approximately 60 speakers offer a multitude of talks to various Perl-related themes in 4 parallel sessions over three days.

During the whole conference there is a constant, intense and often informal exchange of ideas and experience between the attendees. Besides Perl, a lot of general software development topics like software engineering, agile methods, testing, project management, object-oriented programming, UI design and much more are discussed.

At YAPC::Europe 2010 we also plan to host hackathons, which are moderated workshops focused on a specific topic, where experienced users and newbies can get together and share ideas, improve parts of the featured project or step through some project internals.

YAPC::Europe 2010 will take place from 4 to 6 August 2010 at the My One Hotel Pisa Conference Centre.

It’s an event not to be missed!

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